Picture Gallery

The wildflower meadow

If you've never walked through a wildflower meadow, at one time in your life, you should! We call ours Zanes Meadow and it's adjacent to the farmhouse.

This photo was taken in August but from May to September it is full of wildflowers and changes all the time.

We mow walks around the meadow, so make sure you experience it if you stay during those months.

It's freely available to our guests and if you enjoy it - we're happy too!

The Farm

Corston Fields is a working arable farm.

We grow linseed, quinoa, wheat and barley.

Gerald and Emily (Gerald & Ros's daughter) run the farm together and here Emily is planting winter wheat in September.

On the farm trail, guests get the chance to see the farm too, so bring your wellies!

Your hosts

Gerald farms and helps Ros with the B&B; Ros runs the B&B and is a busy farmers wife too!

They've been at Corston Fields Farm since 1982, know a thing or two about the Bath area and will happily help guests find their way around.


Linseed plays a key part in life at Corston Fields Farm.

If you stay for B&B around June, the blue fields around the farm are a stunning sight. Linseed oil is rich in omega 3 and its oil is still used in the best paints and putty.

The straw or flax we recover after harvesting is used as fuel to power the farmhouse heating and hot water.

Its all very green and carbon neutral!


On our farm trail, you'll pass this interesting area.

It's a very large bird table really, we grow crops on it but don't harvest the seed.

The idea is to leave the seed as over-winter feed for small birds where they can peck away at the plants and hopefully obtain the nutrition they need to survive the long winter.

Hundreds, possibly thousands of small birds feed on these special areas from November to January, it's a wonderful sight to see.

UK agriculture's hope is that by providing food in areas like this throughout the country, our native wild bird numbers will increase and prosper.



Emily our daughter is one of only a handful of young farmers in the country pioneering British quinoa.

We plant this highly nutritious crop at Corston Fields in April and harvest it in September. It is harvested with a normal combine harvester, dried, then sent away to be prepared and cleaned by specialists to 99.95% purity.

When the quinoa returns, we pack it at the farm and sell it to local farm-shops, restaurants and delicatessens as gluten-free wholegrain and flour. Its available to our guests too!

Do visit Bath Farm Girl's website where there is more information about this amazing crop and some of Emily's recipies too.


A UN World Heritage City just 5 miles from the farm. We provide guests with a suggested 'day in Bath' because it's often difficult to know where to start!

The Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, the Royal Crescent, a session in the Thermea Spa and Bath Rugby is just the beginning! There is much, much more!

Linseed Rings

We're probably old enough to know better but we planted these rings in one of our 2012 linseed fields just for the fun of it.

They caused quite a stir!